Dora Celentano & Dorothee Liebscher at Art Tausch 
Opening: October 28 - New York
Opening Reception
Thursday , October 28 | 4:30pm - 6:30pm
On view until November 27 by appointment only

art tausch is pleased to present “Mutable" with a two-person presentation of Dora Celentano and Dorothee Liebscher.
Curious pictorial realms lie at the heart of this special presentation, with a particular focus on the roles and relationships between external and internal perceptions. Dora Celentano’s series is a characteristically spirited retelling of the initially lovely interior, which raises the question of security, longing and belonging.
In Dorothee Liebscher’s abandoned spaces, the narrative unfolds over hauntingly evocative images representing the temporal aspect: What was, What is, What will be? In these delicate, emotionally charged landscapes and interior paintings it is decay that takes over, illustrating the fragility and vulnerability of society.
art tausch+1.917.685.7550 | 38-14 30th St., Long Island City, NY |
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